Neighborhood Cleanup

Event Info

Want a great way to spend a crisp morning outside, meet some neighbors, and help keep the neighborhood looking beautiful? Come join us for the Neighborhood Cleanup!

We’ll work in small teams to pick up trash and perform other small beautification chores around the neighborhood.

We’ll provide gloves and trash bags and have some pickers. Bringing shovels or other helpful equipment is encouraged, but not required.

Where to go

Meet up at 9:00 am for coffee, donuts, and location assignment at the offices of ReDev:
1017 E Michigan St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

We’ll also hand out gloves and other tools.

Want to get a head start?
Or, want to help out but not sure you can make it on Saturday?

There are a few ways you can help out in advance:

Storm drain clearing

There are a number of storm drains that also need cleaning. If you’re able, helping us get a head start on these would be a huge help! The drains needing the most attention are:

  • State Ave. (between Marlowe and New York)
  • State Ave. and Sturm Ave.
  • Oriental Ave. and Sturm Ave.
  • Vermont St. and Arsenal Ave.
  • Marlowe Ave. and Oriental Ave.
  • Ohio St. and Oriental Ave.
  • New York St. and Highland Ave.
  • New York St. and Arsenal Ave.
  • Michigan St. and Oriental Ave.
  • Highland Ave. and Marlowe Ave.

Storm drain debris can be left beside the drain in a pile or in a bag. If you are willing to clean up and need a bag, please contact us.

Curb cleaning

This spring, we’ll be focusing on cleaning debris that clusters by curbs. Cleaning these and leaving the loose debris in larger piles will assist the cleanup crew on the Cleanup morning.

Don’t forget to renew your KIBI Adopt-A-Block

We want to maintain our high adoption rate for KIB Adopt-A-Block. Please adopt a block via the KIB website – some of you are already cleaning your blocks and you might as well enjoy the perks – free tools, free plants/trees, etc.



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