Holy CrossNeighborhood Foundation

About the Neighborhood Foundation

The purpose of the Holy Cross Foundation is to serve the good and quality of the Holy Cross Neighborhood. Past initiatives include the Traffic Signal Box (TSB) art project in conjunction with Arsenal Tech HS and the City Arts Council; neighborhood signage for homes, IPL light poles, and the neighborhood gateways; park grill and beautification of the Sturm Esplanade and,. All neighbors are encouraged to suggest ideas for future enhancement.

Current Campaigns

Kroger Community Rewards:

1. Go to https://www.kroger.com/
2. Log into your account and select My Account.
3. On the left select Community Rewards.
4. Search for Holy Cross Neighborhood Foundation or VT097 and click Enroll.


Looking for ways to support the neighborhood? Click here for more ways to get involved or make a contribution to the HCNA or HCNF.

If you have a project in mind you’d like to request funds for, fill out this form to make a request.

Foundation History

In 1991 the Arsenal Heights Civic League was formed to create a boundary in the southeast quadrant of what was just developing as the Holy Cross Neighborhood. The Civic League was established to included 501(c)(3) tax exempt status which allows charitable donations to be a tax write off, and tax exempt for purchase.

As the Holy Cross Neighborhood was progressing with active members, it eventually became clear that the two strengths of the areas should mesh. Arsenal Heights merged with Holy Cross in 2016. The inclusion of the two enhanced both areas. Volunteers were more abundant for neighborhood cleanups for the expanded area and the Arsenal Heights 501(c)(3) was shared with HCN. To lessen the confusion of the two groups that are now one for the same cause, the name of the 501(c)(3) was changed from Arsenal Heights to the Holy Cross Neighborhood Foundation.


Since the inclusion, the Foundation has flourished under the HCNA. Aside from pursuing local grants for funding specific projects, the Foundation also relies on fundraisers which include local businesses, gatherings formed by the HCNA and of course donations from friends and neighbors.

Donations can be made online to the HCNF’s Stipe account.

Foundation Board of Directors

Of the Foundation Board of Directors, two are voted on by the general neighborhood population, and the remainder are appointed by the HCNA officers. Any Neighborhood member is free to run for appointment or election. Foundation Board members, once established, vote to appoint officers within.

Current Board members are:

Renee O’Sullivan, president
Megan May, vice president
Olivia Bennett, secretary
Sinclair Williams, treasurer
Thérèse Reckley
Sinclair Williams
Nicky Mendenhall
Claire Winship