About the Neighborhood

Holy Cross is a thriving urban neighborhood with a small-town community feel located on Indianapolis' near east side.

We are a diverse community of people in a beautiful neighborhood. We love where we live because it provides opportunities for work and play in nearby Downtown Indianapolis, while maintaining a small-town feel and strong relationships with our neighbors.

Neighborhood Mission

We believe that people live happier, more fulfilled lives when they feel, in some way, connected to a community or the world around them. Our mission is to inform, connect, and advocate for the people and places within the Holy Cross Neighborhood.

Neighborhood Vision

Holy Cross Neighborhood is a community where people feel welcomed, valued, and safe. Those within have an opportunity to grow relationships with their neighbors and contribute to the maintenance and betterment of the place they call home. Connections are made and bonds are formed, resulting in a strong community.

Holy Cross Neighborhood has a rich history in Indianapolis

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Where is Holy Cross?

Holy Cross is located on Indianapolis' near east side. We are bounded by:

  • the south side of Michigan St. to the north
  • the west side of State Ave. to the east
  • the south side of Southeastern Ave. to the south
  • the west side of Davidson St. to the west