Holy CrossNeighborhood Association

About the Neighborhood Association

The Holy Cross Neighborhood Association exists to foster a sense of community—both within the neighborhood between members, and ensuring our neighborhood stays connected to the ecosystem of the city, state, and surrounding neighborhoods.

The Association attempts to identify and engage all stakeholders in the community and then stimulate collaborations that improve the quality of life for all within.

The Neighborhood Association is not a homeowners association.


The Holy Cross Neighborhood Association’s membership policy is among the most open of Indianapolis neighborhoods. All persons residing, owning property, or owning a business within the neighborhood boundaries are eligible for membership in the Association.


Members are asked to pay voluntary, nominal annual dues of $20 per household. Dues can be paid via cash, check, or credit card at the member meetings.

Dues can also be paid online (coming soon).


The best way to participate in Association activities is by attending the Member Meetings. These occur several times per year.

See the Member Meeting schedule.

Association Board

The Neighborhood Association is led by a board of directors. This group meets more frequently to set agendas for the member meetings, discuss issues that arise between meetings, and advance ongoing neighborhood projects and initiatives. Participation on the board or any of the committees is open to any member of the association.

For more information or to contact the board, send us an email to [email protected].

Board members

Scotty Z. Wilson
Amanda Wade
vice president
Jen Higginbotham
BW Shield
Clif Marsiglio
Megan May
Toni Neely
David Ruston
Tim O'Sullivan
chair, Land Use committee
Renee O'Sullivan
Duane Van Laningham