Highland Park Sculpture

Stele: Remembering Kelly Wensing

Author: Amanda Wade

Stele, an artwork that 900 North Studios designed, fabricated, and installed in Highland Park, was completed on February 2, 2024. The project was conceived by the Holy Cross Neighborhood Association to communicate the spirit of community collaboration, in memory of Kelly Wensing. Kelly held various roles within the HCNA and oversaw various projects during her service to the neighborhood.

The artwork started out as an idea for a gathering space, but eventually broadened into a visual interpretation of both the final projects that receive the praise (the white structures) and the people in the background, like Kelly and other neighbors, who make that happen and hold things together (the darker supports). This monument highlights those efforts as the focus.

HCNA and the Holy Cross Foundation received a grant from the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center for the project and worked with Indy Parks to identify a location within Highland Park for the artwork and acquire permission and permits for the installation.

900 North Studios arranged in-kind donations from Warner Steel, Anthony Builders, Rush Powder Coating, and provided some services themselves.

Stele designer, Cory Constantine said “The sculpture represents a figure supporting a load over head. This represents all the support and contributions Kelly made to the Community over her time as an Indianapolis Resident. While her work often went undervalued and unrecognized during her lifetime, this monument provides those efforts to be made front and center focus. The opportunity to interact with the community as we worked through the details of the project was one I will always cherish.”

Our neighborhood is grateful for the partnership as well.

Image of Kelly Wensing
the three structures that make up the Stele artwork.
close-up image of one of three structures that make up the Stele artwork.