2020 Virtual Holiday Social

Event Info

Holy Cross Neighborhood leaders miss hanging out with you before/after meetings, during neighborhood cleanups, and at Mondays on the Esplanade. We have found a cure for your Zoom/Teams burnout—come hang out with us in our three room Holiday Wonderland.

Drop by for a few minutes or stay the entire time. Be social with others who are in the same room near you and don’t be bothered by those on the other side of the room.

To connect:

To join the party, click the button below. Additional info, including tips for a successful session, can be found below.

Join the party

Tips for a good connection

  • Click the button above
  • Allow SpatialChat to use your microphone and camera
  • Your avatar will be a live view of you in a small circle
  • Use your name so neighbors will be able to search your name

Once you join the party

  • The left menu lists three holiday themed rooms
  • Click the room name to transport to a room
  • While in a room click and drag your avatar to explore


  • Move near another person’s avatar to hear them and talk
  • Move away and you won’t hear them
  • There is also chat and emojis (lower menu – dialog bubble)

To find other people

  • Click on the arrow to the left of the room name to expand room attendees
  • Click on a person’s name to be transported to them
  • Search for a name using the magnifying glass tool, it will take you right to them, no matter what room they are in


Nothing upcoming at the moment.
Check back later.